Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design

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Scope of the work is international and topics include preservation, renewal, patterns of settlement and sustainability. Key Features include: international coverage including recent European and Asian sustainability initiatives; topics from allied disciplines such as transportation engineering, bioregionalism and environmental engineering; heavily illustrated.

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Chapters are dedicated to sustainable design, universal design, transit-centered urban villages, wayfinding, and "traffic calming. Architecture Magazine.

This important addition to the McGraw-Hill Time Saver Standards series is an entirely new, comprehensive, meticulously researched compendium of every aspect of the physical design of cities and other urban places including communities and civic and public places. Featuring articles by authoritative urban design scholars and practitioners, Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design provides a visual and detailed archival record of:.

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It provides a single-source for the key reference articles on urban design and physical planning of cities, including social, environmental and economic data. This inaugural volume on the topic of urban design in the Time-Saver Standard series is written for easy reference by urban planners and designers, architects, landscape professionals, environmental engineers, civil and transportation engineers, as well as municipal government and planning officials.

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Time-Saver standards for urban design

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Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design

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