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Just hope that your name does not end up in the wager book.

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Shall we take a stroll along the graveled walks? The flowers and plane trees are so pleasant in Spring. But don't be surprised if we find some couple madly in love stealing a moment alone in the garden folly Coming out of the park, we now stand in the shadow of St. Andrew's Church with its picturesque steeple. Much like St. George's in Hanover Square, it's one of the most fashionable spots to get married in London, as our local bachelors seem to be learning.

Try as they might to avoid it, they do have a way of ending up there at the altar, saying "I do.

Pirate's Desire Historical Romance Chapter 01

Scroll down to meet the denizens of this aristocratic enclave, from wall-flowers to scandalous beauties, from rakehells to mysterious loners, and much more to come, only one question remains:. Whether her frank tongue or slightly eccentric ways bear the blame, she faces a houseful of younger sisters clamoring for her, the eldest, to marry and move aside before they all end up as spinsters. But sometimes destiny waits just around the corner…and love lives right across the square!

Miss Rose and the Rakehell

Gable Winston-McCray, the charming, understated Viscount Roland saunters through life as a wealthy, sophisticated rakehell and man-about-town. Until, one moonlit night, fate strikes! Unsuspecting neighbors meet and become flirtatious allies. Jason Hawthorne, the Duke of Netherford, made it clear to the young, lovesick Felicity Carvel long ago that nothing could ever happen between them. But the scandalous attraction between them has only grown to a searing intensity.

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And deep down, Felicity still wants Jason for her own. But you owe me for this. And I promise I will call in my debt down the road. He has more connections among that sort than I do. Marriage had obviously changed her. Surely she had not given up on him already. Unless this was her sly way of once again trying to get him married off. She stalked off across the lawn and he followed, surveying the group she headed for: a woman surrounded by three young gentlemen who appeared to be—fishing?

He recognized the men. One was a drunk, one a well-known rakehell, and the third a notorious gambler by the name of Pitford. All three were fortune hunters. He turned his attention to the chit, who had her back to him and was dressed in a blue-and-green plaid gown with a pink-and-yellow striped shawl. Good God.

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Any woman who dressed that way was bound to be a heedless young twit, and he disliked that sort of woman. Unless she was sitting on his lap in a brothel, in which case intelligence hardly mattered. In the process, they managed to poke Miss Trevor in the arm. Warren had seen enough. Shoving his sleeve up as far as it would go, he thrust his hand into the fountain and fished out the bracelet. Then he turned to offer it to the young lady.

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  • Though her gown was even more outrageous from the front than from the back, the rest of her was unremarkable. Tall and slender, with slim hips and no breasts to speak of, she had decent skin, a sharp nose, and a rather impudent-looking mouth. She was pretty enough, but by no means a beauty.

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    And not his sort. At all. Fringed with long black lashes, they glittered like stars against an early evening sky, making desire tighten low in his belly. Utterly absurd. Until her lips curled up into a sparkling smile that matched the incandescence of her eyes. The bracelet was a gift from my late brother. Though I fear you may have ruined your coat retrieving it. Though the last time I paid a visit to Lucifer, he pretended not to know me. What about you? He has trouble fitting me into his schedule.

    However would he find time to waste on a fellow like you, who comes to the aid of a lady so readily? Well then, next time you see him, give him my regards. The devil is only as busy as people allow him to be, and we shall not allow him to loiter around here, shall we, Warren? She smiled at her friend. Miss Trevor, may I present my cousin, the Marquess of Knightford and rescuer of bracelets. Warren, this is my good friend, Miss Delia Trevor, the cleverest woman I know despite her gauche left hand.

    So he was surprised when her smile faded to politeness instead. Clarissa has told me much about you. He snorted.

    The Rakehell Regency Series by Sorcha MacMurrough

    What a wonderful book…It has just the right amount of passion and class, with a most refreshing plot…The book flows beautifully…and infuses humor with sadness making it one of the best stories I have read in a long while. There is an unforgettable, honorably sexy hero and his unconventional heroine, who make up one of the best couples I have ever met…Truly, when it comes to historical romance perfection, Royal has it for you in The Art of Temptation.

    A case of mistaken identity, two well-intentioned but clueless brothers, and several other amusing complications make this a richly detailed romp through London in This is a lush and well told tale that features a hero and heroine sure to please. The Art of Temptation is chock full of good, old fashioned romance. The passion overwhelms the pages and makes this a glorious read. What a charming, can't put down story! I was completely drawn in during the first pages…Sean Delaney is a worthy hero and Corinna is feisty, beautiful and talented.

    A wonderful duo!

    This is a must read book! Van Eperen, Gotta Write Network. Royal weaves a sweetly spellbinding tale of desire, loyalty, ambition and deception all bound together with an aura of sensuality that makes it impossible to put down. Her characters are crafted in such a way that readers can't help but adore them.

    The Art of Temptation is a truly splendid read from start to finish.


    This is the first of this author's books that I've read, but it certainly won't be the last. The Art of Temptation is a funny and light read with a wonderful hero and a heroine who are both witty and very original. Lauren Royal has incredible skill at writing historical romance and this latest story proves this in every way…delightful.