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The Theories Of The Experts The A-Z Of Ghosts: Phantoms Of The World Bibliography Research Organisations Acknowledgements Back cover blurb: Surprisingly, the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have turned out to be the most extraordinary periods in the history of supernatural encounters — with more mysterious accounts of ghosts being reported from all over the world than during any previous era. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Topsy, who was aged 36, was rumoured to have killed a couple of circus trainers in Texas before arriving at Luna Park. Last year, she crushed one Thomas Blount to death when he stupidly fed her a lit cigarette. Then for a time Topsy got on well, doing odd jobs at Coney Island, although she would only ever obey her mahout , Willy Alt.

Earlier this year, she charged some workmen and it was decided she had to go.

The Mammoth Book of True Hauntings (Mammoth Book of) (Mammoth Book of)

Poisoning and shooting were considered too cruel and so on a Sunday in March, Topsy was made to step on metal plates and electrocuted. Since then, according to the keeper of another elephant, Frank. Gummis, the ghost of Topsy has returned twice to warn other elephants they should leave Coney Island before they suffer the same fate. Our readers will be interested to know that the press of America has had a field day with our strange story of a ghost elephant.

Phantom Cyclist? Source and date: Daily Mirror , 24 December Fighting Ghost: Midnight Struggle with a Spectre.

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Source and date: Evening News , 26 January The ghost of Tondu, Glamorganshire has reasserted itself in the most aggressive fashion. According to a correspondent, a respectable resident of the district which the uncanny apparition haunts and terrorizes was proceeding at midnight along a lonely, narrow roadway adjoining the deserted buildings and coke ovens of the abandoned Ynishawdra Colliery — an ideal spot for ghosts — when he was actually attacked by the unnatural monster. The gentleman is muscular, but the sight which suddenly met his gaze at the far end of a tunnel-like bridge made him turn hot.

It clasped him as though in a vice. The man could not grip. There seemed nothing more tangible than air, but he felt himself held as though in the folds of a python. With a frantic effort he clutched again at this supernatural assailant and it was gone. Women and children now creep indoors when nightfall comes and bands of stalwart men sally forth to lay the terror of Tondu. Ghost Scare in Blyth. Stories of a white figure being seen inside one of the classrooms and a creaking noise heard in a corridor were unconfirmed as we went to press.

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  • Mysterious Falling Stones. W G Grotendieck of Dortrecht,. Sumatra has written to us of an experience. He was awakened by the sound of something striking the floor and the sounds continued. They appeared near the inside of the roof and all my efforts to observe the stones as they erupted from the ceiling were met with frustration because they moved with extraordinary slowness.

    Spectral Visitor at Kirkstall. Source and date: Daily Mirror , 9 September A station porter at Kirkstall, Leeds was pacing the platform at midnight recently. A passenger alighting at the station early in the morning a day or two later called the attention of the same porter to a weird figure gesticulating from the roof of one of the wooden sheds which lie behind the station buildings.

    On another night strange lights were seen flickering around the station and the neighbourhood of the goods shed and again the ghost appeared. This time a party was formed with the object of solving the mystery, but although each one took a different direction, the search was again fruitless. Source and date: Occult Review , March. The youth had rooms opposite those said to be haunted. He got up and looked out of the window and saw a man with long hair leaning out of an upper window in the opposite set of rooms.

    Only his head and shoulders were visible and he stood very still and seemed to fix the undergraduate with a long and hostile stare.

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    On enquiry, the young man found the door to the rooms locked and it was quite impossible for anyone to have. Butts was found hanging by his garters in the room on Easter Sunday, and has haunted the college ever since. Unusual Haunting in Kent. Source and date: Daily Mail , 28 May. One morning, the horses were found to have been turned the reverse way round in their stalls, their tails in the mangers and their heads in the stalls. One horse was missing and later found in the hay room nearby. A partition had been knocked down to get it out and the door of the hay room was barely wide enough for a man to enter.

    Other phenomena included the removal of some. Two watchdogs were on guard at all times and had not reacted to the mysterious disturbance in any manner. A Peculiar Parisian Ghost.

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    Source and date Daily Mail , 1 May Whenever she entered her flat, she told him, she was forced onto her hands with her legs in the air. Other members of her family, including her son,.

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    I thought. I entered the. Ambushing a Ghost. Source and date: Daily Chronicle , 19 November A queer story of a nine-feet-high spook. Dublin correspondent. When the object came within a few yards of them, they state that it vanished.

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    On coming into Galway, the young men told of the weird occurrence to their friends and accordingly a party was organized to visit the place the following evening and lay an ambush for the ghost. They had not long to wait, for it suddenly appeared straight in front of them whereupon one of the party raised his revolver. But he never fired a shot. The weapon dropped from his hand, which became powerless, and he fell in a swoon. General terror prevailed among the ghost hunters lest the case of their companion might become serious and the hunt for the spectre was forgotten.

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    A year ago several persons stated they had seen a spectre near the scene of the present apparition and there is great terror in the district over its reappearance. Source and date: Mid-Sussex Times , 20 December Colonel Claude Lowther, the owner of Hurstmonceaux, has added to the list of ghostly happenings associated with the famous fifteenth-century castle.

    One night earlier this year he saw a girl he did not recognize in the courtyard. She seemed very distressed and was wringing her hands, which he noticed were white and shrivelled. He thought she might be a gypsy girl begging, but as he walked towards her, she disappeared. The Colonel now wonders if she was the ghost of a young girl who tried to resist the. On another occasion, Colonel Lowther says he saw a horseman in breeches and velvet jacket near the old bridge over the moat.

    The Bowmen: A Story of the War. Source and date: London Evening News , 29 September First publication of the story by Welsh journalist and author, Arthur Machen, of a company of British Expeditionary Force. Although Machen insisted his story was a pure invention, contradictory reports by officers and men serving on the front quickly turned his piece of fiction into a fact that proved impossible to dispel for many years and haunted its creator for the rest of his life.

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    A Ghostly Ring of Angels. Source and date: Evening News , 27 May. If it was his. That person might not know that he was psychic, but seeing the ring, he would state the fact aloud. The thoughts of those around would intensify the form and all present would see them. Source and date: Halifax Courier , 12 July.