Sweetwater Creek

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Hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park

Popular runs nearby. Navigate on-trail with our free app. GPX File. Park is open 7 am to dark. This loop at Sweetwater Creek is a great run that can be done in a morning or afternoon. Pack a lunch or snack to enjoy along the creek if you have extra time!

The Blue Trail at Sweetwater Creek Hiking Trail, Austell, Georgia

Start this run on the White Trail at the front door of the visitor center. Turn right at the main trailhead to stay on the White Trail the Red Trail descends to the left. After you enter the forest, the trail will fork.


You can go either way, but going right allows you to get a good warm up with gentle inclines. It also allows you to get some of the less-scenic parts out of the way. After turning right, you'll cross a couple of park roads and eventually end up on an old gravel road. At about a mile, you'll turn left on another gravel road. Follow that all the way to some large fields great for seeing wildlife in the morning and evening. The White Trail turns right in the fields, continuing southwest. You'll soon be on a rocky doubletrack descent which will take you to a narrower trail nestled in a stream drainage.

Keep following the white blazes. After about 2. Along the creek, the trail goes through a lot of little rock gardens and there are some easy scrambles over large rock outcroppings.

SWEETWATER CREEK - Best Places To Hike In Georgia

You'll do this for a while until you hit some very steep stairs. Climb the stairs and follow the boardwalk over some steep sections. Eventually, you'll come to a confusing intersection with the Red Trail. The White Trail goes up the steep, eroded stairs, while the Red Trail goes back towards the river. Turn right onto the Red Trail to head down toward the river. Enjoy a nice photo opportunity as you pass the old ruined mill or head down to the water for a refreshing break before looping back to the visitor center to finish the run.

Run this trail? Dogs Allowed? Add Check-In. Rate Quality. Rate Difficulty Easy. Extremely Difficult. Save Check-In. Check In Check-Ins Jun 18, Next time will try a combo of white and red 5mi — 0h 50m.

May 10, Full Details. Featured Run Rankings. Add a Photo. Feb 26, near Austell, GA.

Aug 13, near Austell, GA. Jul 30, near Austell, GA. Aug 9, near Austell, GA. At some points, the creek produces ft.

The creek varies in depth, width, and cross-ability. Try it today! Sweetwater contains over 9 miles of hiking trails, beautiful waterways, and vintage proofs of history such as the remnants of the old New Manchester Textile Mill.

Additional Resources

If you and the family are looking for a fun day out in the sunshine and natural beauty and scenery of a family friendly footpath, try Sweetwater Creek State Park! As diverse as it is gorgeous, the park now consists of a myriad of hiking trails, waterways, picnic areas, boating and fishing resources, as well as the relics to prove the historical significance of the Sweetwater Creek basin. Sweetwater is officially listed as a conservation park, but it has been the conversation of many great recent events, including some phenomenally popular filming productions.