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Skip to content. Journey Home Thrift Shop founder, Janet Hamilton is eager to become an integral part of the Dover Community and grateful for their generosity in support of her mission.

The local community has made us feel very. Journey Home Thrift Shop provides donors and shoppers with the ability to make a difference in their local community in a spirited environment where it is evident the staff strive to exude warmth and friendliness. Through donations of gently used goods from local families, Journey Home Thrift Shop provides quality resale items at low prices. The mission of Journey Home Thrift Shop is to provide financial support and exposure to the work of hospice related organizations. Reports were read of visits to factories, shops, slums, and dockyards.

Descriptions were given of the Stock Exchange, of a gigantic house of business in the City, and of a Government Office.

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The British Colonies were now discussed, and some account was given of our rule in India, Africa and Ireland. I was sitting by Castalia and I noticed her uneasiness. We agreed that it was the object of life to produce good people and good books. All this time we have been talking of aeroplanes, factories, and money. Let us talk about men themselves and their arts, for that is the heart of the matter.

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These had been framed after much consideration. A good man, we had agreed, must at any rate be honest, passionate, and unworldly. But whether or not a particular man possessed those qualities could only be discovered by asking questions, often beginning at a remote distance from the centre.

Is Kensington a nice place to live in? Where is your son being educated—and your daughter?

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Now please tell me, what do you pay for your cigars? By the way, is Sir Joseph a baronet or only a knight? Often it seemed that we learnt more from trivial questions of this kind than from more direct ones. But why do you work so hard?


But more significant than the answers were the refusals to answer. Very few would reply at all to questions about morality and religion, and such answers as were given were not serious. Questions as to the value of money and power were almost invariably brushed aside, or pressed at extreme risk to the asker. The only reason why we escaped with our lives over and over again is that men are at once so hungry and so chivalrous. They despise us too much to mind what we say. Now, no woman has ever been an artist, has she, Poll?

I say, or Shakespeare himself! Only," she sighed, "it doesn't seem to help us much. Perhaps we had better examine modern literature next. Liz, it's your turn. Wells is the most popular living writer; then comes Mr. Arnold Bennett; then Mr. Compton Mackenzie; Mr. McKenna and Mr.

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Walpole may be bracketed together. Oh, yes, 'safe in their hands. And you can't deny that education is of the highest importance, and that it would be extremely annoying, if you found yourself alone at Brighton late at night, not to know which was the best boarding house to stay at, and suppose it was a dripping Sunday evening—wouldn't it be nice to go to the Movies? But isn't it wonderful," she broke off—"Mr.

Chitter has written a weekly article for the past thirty years upon love or hot buttered toast and has sent all his sons to Eton——" 11 "The truth! It all seemed to us very inconclusive. Declaration of War!

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We looked at each other in horror. We had forgotten all about it. We turned to Poll, who had reached the history shelves in the London Library, and asked her to enlighten us. We began idly turning over the pages of our old minute books. It was all Poll's father's fault," she went on. If we hadn't learnt to read," she said bitterly, "we might still have been bearing children in ignorance and that I believe was the happiest life after all. I know what you're going to say about war," she checked me, "and the horror of bearing children to see them killed, but our mothers did it, and their mothers, and their mothers before them.

And they didn't complain. They couldn't read. I've done my best," she sighed, "to prevent my little girl from learning to read, but what's the use? I caught Ann only yesterday with a newspaper in her hand and she was beginning to ask me if it was 'true. Lloyd George is a good man, then whether Mr.

Arnold Bennett is a good novelist, and finally whether I believe in God.

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How can I bring my daughter up to believe in nothing? She brightened at this and began to turn over our old minutes again. Don't you know that our belief in man's intellect is the greatest fallacy of them all? Haven't we bred them and fed and kept them in comfort since the beginning of time so that they may be clever even if they're nothing else?

It's all our doing! And it's intellect," she continued, "that's at the bottom of it. What could be more charming than a boy before he has begun to cultivate his intellect? He is beautiful to look at; he gives himself no airs; he understands the meaning of art and literature instinctively; he goes about enjoying his life and making other people enjoy theirs. Then they teach him to cultivate his intellect. He becomes a barrister, a civil servant, a general, an author, a professor.

Every day he goes to an office. Every year he produces a book. He maintains a whole family by the products of his brain—poor devil! Soon he cannot come into a room without making us all feel uncomfortable; he condescends to every woman he meets, and dares not tell the truth even to his own wife; instead of rejoicing our eyes we have to shut them if we are to take him in our arms.

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