Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot

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This SVCP report NIH declared: "Inasmuch as tests for the biological activity of candidate human viruses will not be tested in the human species, it is imperative that another system be developed for these determinations and, subsequently for the evaluation of vaccines or other measure of control.

The close phylogenetic relationship of the lower primates of man justifies utilization of these animals for these purposes. Newborn monkeys, irradiated monkeys, and monkeys primed with cancer-causing chemicals, were injected with blood "using multiple sites and volumes as large as possible" taken from various forms of human leukemia.

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In other studies, tissue cultures infected with various animal viruses were inoculated into primates. Many kinds of human cancer tissue were injected into the animals. How many "new" and "emerging" viruses were created and adapted by the SVCP is not known. And it is unlikely that complete records of this animal cancer virus experimentation will ever be examined. Cats were also bred for leukemia and sarcoma cancer studies. An inbred germfree colony of mice was established. Mouse cancer viruses were manipulated to produce resistant and non-resistant strains.

These adapted viruses would be employed in the s in human gene replacement experiments.

Infected blood victim recalls moment he found out he was HIV positive

Such experiments utilized a weakened strain of the mouse leukemia virus to infect and "taxi-in" the missing genes to genetically-defective human cells. According to Gallo, "Scientifically, the problem was that no one could supply clear evidence of any kind of human tumor virus, not even a DNA virus, and most researchers refused to concede that viruses played any role in human cancers.

Politically, the Virus Cancer Program was vulnerable because it attracted a great deal of money and attention and had failed to produce dramatic, visible results. More than any other program it built up the field of animal retrovirology, which led to the vital understanding of cancer and immunosuppressive retroviruses in humans. Like manna from heaven, AIDS in gays put the virologists back in business.

And HIV, a cancer-causing and immunosuppressive retrovirus, would make Robert Gallo the most famous scientist in the world. Physicians have always told their patients that cancer is not contagious or sexually transmitted. It was easier to blame gays for initiating this new disease with their sexual lifestyle than it was to point the finger at scientists.

Queer blood : the secret AIDS genocide plot

And if AIDS was connected to animal cancer research, some people might wonder if the new disease had anything to do with all those species jumping experiments in the s. Making people understand that AIDS is cancer would only confuse them. And so, instead of looking for the source of HIV in the thousands of animal cancer experiments performed througout the world, the virologists insisted on looking for the source of the virus in primates in the African rainforest. In a few years these cities would become the epicenters for "gay-related immune deficiency syndrome, " later known as AIDS.

Could virus-contaminated vaccines lie at the root of AIDS? In the early s the hepatitis B vaccine was developed in chimpanzees, now widely accepted as the animal from which HIV supposedly evolved.

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To this day, some people are fearful about taking the hepatitis B vaccine because of its original connection to gay men and AIDS; and older physicians remember the original experimental hepatitis vaccine was made from the pooled blood serum of hepatitis-infected homosexuals. Was HIV "introduced" into gays during these vaccine trials when thousands of homosexuals were injected in New York beginning in , and in the West Coast cities in ?

Some researchers are convinced that these vaccine experiments served as the vehicle through which HIV was "introduced" into the gay population in America. Also included in this book is evidence suggesting patient Zero" story of , which claimed a promiscuous gay Canadian airline steward brought AIDS to America. Montagnier "is doubtful that the American epidemic could have developed from a single patient. In a mind-blowing statement he declares "Gallo was not a medical doctor, but rather a biochemist by training. His limited experience with viruses at the time perhaps explains his misinterpretations and the contaminations that occurred in his laboratory.

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If he is not, then we certainly do have a conspiracy problem on our hands. What is obvious from their authored books is that while the continent of Africa dies, these two top scientists in AIDS research continue their vendetta in print, and continue to promote their own pet theories on the origin of HIV and AIDS to an adoring scientific community. Why is this? Certainly HIV does not discriminate between sexual preference and race!

Or does it? In the mids molecular biologists identified at least 8 different subtypes or "clades" or "strains" of HIV that were infecting various people around the world. Remarkably, it turns out that the "B" strain is the predominant strain infecting gays in the U. Even more remarkable is that this strain of HIV has an "affinity" to infect rectal tissue, thus explaining why gays are more likely to get AIDS than straights.

In contrast, the HIV strains common in Africa have an affinity for vaginal and cervical cells, as well as for cells of the foreskin of the penis. Thus, HIV is more likely to infect heterosexuals in Africa. How do we know this?

AIDS conspiracy

He discovered that this Asian strain readily infected women's genital cells of the vagina and cervix. But the "gay" B strain of HIV did not infect them as easily. How is this possible? Were strains of HIV engineered to adapt easily to cells likely to be infected in gay sex? Or adapted to genital cells involved in vaginal sex? We know scientists in the SVCP were able to adapt certain retroviruses to infect specific kinds of cells.

As early as biowarfare scientists were learning to design certain infectious agents particularly viruses that would attack the cells of certain racial groups. Is this simply another peculiarity of a virus that jumped species in the African bush? Or is HIV a designer virus, specifically adapted in its subtypes to infect certain racial groups and gay people? When AIDS appeared in , health officials assured the "general public" that there was nothing to fear. The viral contamination problems inherent in viral research have also been downplayed.

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The ability of SVCP scientists to produce "new" diseases with cancer-causing animal viruses is a matter of record. The ability of animal viruses to easily contaminate laboratory experiments and vaccine manufacture is also well known. All these factors make the man-made theory of AIDS rational and compelling.

To continue to ignore these issues is to ignore the fate of countless millions who will die from AIDS and other "emerging viruses" in the future. The Special Virus Cancer Program and biowarfare experimentation worldwide has forever changed the course of history of medical science, resulting in the current dangers of biological terrorism and the fear of newly emerging man-made viruses and other infectious agents. Some readers may find this analogy offensive, but in light of the close connection of the SVCP with the outbreak of HIV and AIDS, it is suggested that final judgement be reserved until all the pertinent facts are ascertained.

Virus Cancer Program, -- the animal virus transfer that spawned the epidemic - AIDS -- European gay men's studies - Francis, Donald, M.

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