Properties of Concrete

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The ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed. A mixture of cement ,sand coarse aggregate and water. Image illustration Fire resistance image illustration A and C. A in one bag,farma or truck and dumper.

Understanding the Tensile Properties of Concrete

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Properties of Hardened Concrete

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Tensile Strength Flexural strength is one measure of the Tensile strength of concrete. Modulus Elasticity Modulus of elasticity of concrete which is significantly influenced by the following factors. Type of the aggregates used, Type of cement and Mix proportions This property is required for the computations of deflections of structural concrete members which forms an important limit state in the design of concrete members. Shrinkage of Concrete The ingredients of concrete and environmental conditions like temperature and humidity influence the total shrinkage of concrete.

Creep of Concrete The inelastic time dependent strain developed in a concrete emeber under sustained loading is refered to as creep of concrete. Age at Loading Creep Coefficient 7 days 2.

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  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion The coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete, influenced mainly by the type of aggregate used in concrete is required for the design of structures like chimneys, water tanks, silos etc. Tags: Properties of Concrete.

    Concrete Properties, Testing & Standards - The Irish Concrete Society

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