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The release on the PlayStation 4, the platform on which I played it, was marred with a wealth of technical problems. The only working parts of the PS4 version when it first released was the art viewer, director commentaries and music player.

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The character viewer did not work at all and neither did the actual games obviously the most important part. To be blunt, the PS4 version was pretty much broken upon release. Skybound Games has since released a patch to fix the issues, but my download of this patch took me an entire day. This was incredibly frustrating but kudos to Skybound Games for acknowledging the problem quite quickly and keeping PS4 players informed of the patch progress. The actual game also has some technical bugs and glitches and they are the sort that has come to be expected from Telltale titles. Awkward lip-syncing, dead-eyed characters and jarring animations are still present but I also got some new issues such as dialogue suddenly cutting off or characters missing out half of their voice lines.

The game may look better, but it still has numerous hiccups that can take you out of the experience. The player can listen to music from all four seasons as well as the mini-series and DLC. Despite the technical hitches and the broken PlayStation release, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is a must-have for hard-core fans of the game series. The behind the scenes insights are interesting for those invested in these titles and the various art and music available can make you truly appreciate the hard work that went into creating this world and these characters.

That being said, there is a community of fans out there myself included who have loved and supported Telltale and The Walking Dead game for years who were genuinely devastated by the studio closure. It is those fans who will get the most out of this collection. The game encapsulates a nine-year journey and it is a bittersweet sendoff to the series and to Clementine, who we have seen grow throughout the series. No matter whether Telltale Games makes a comeback or not , the studio will always be remembered for this defining title which introduced us to Lee, Clementine and A.

J and made us care about their struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The Definitive Series marks the end of The Walking Dead Game — and the end of Telltale Games as it once was- and although the ending is certainly bittersweet, it is wrapped up nicely with this collection. Somewhere in a much happier alternate reality….

The show will be returning for its tenth season on AMC on October 6 th , A top-down, pinball-inspired, hack-and-slash dungeon crawler?

That certainly may be a genre combination never done before. But in reflection to the sciences of chemistry, sometimes grouping elements into a mixture can create something that is definitively unique and distinguishable from its initial ingredients. Creature In The Well is a whole new breed of game design — by blending various genres, developer Flight School has created one of the most distinctive and satisfying puzzle games in recent years.

The closest comparison you can probably make is if Hyper Light Drifter collided with a classic pinball cabinet and Breakout. Creature in the Well tasks the final remaining BOT-C unit in a mysterious world to venture into the desert mountain that lies in wait next to the imprisoned city of Mirage, a land captured by a deadly sandstorm. The game is a test against the active mind. After obtaining a sword and learning quicker means of movement through dashing, it would be easy to assume that fighting comes next.

Instead, weapons are used as flippers in a sort of active pinball game, continuously knocking around orbs of energy at various machines that will grant voltage. The more thoroughly a dungeon is explored, the more voltage there is to claim from conquering puzzles of higher difficulty. The environment then ends up becoming the greatest threat, as there are no true enemies to wield weapons against. A variety of projectiles can cause damage, forcing players to move around.

Well-placed shots and timely swings are the keys to progression, and the only way of reaching the endgame.

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Adapting and using creative ways to solve puzzles is the foundation of Creature In The Well. Mastering Breakout and Pong -like movements for multiple projectiles at the same time is the recipe for success. Creature In The Well makes magnificent use of the Unreal Engine, showcasing a nightly overcast atmosphere with a bleak, dark color palette, but it also manages to remain bright and colorful thanks to the illuminating projectile lights and flashy animations. This ultimately amounts to a game that is not only satisfying to play, but satisfying to watch.

Creature in the Well urges players to progressively think smarter as they traverse the eight vastly different dungeons. Each puzzle room slowly improves upon the last, as the game consistently and smartly reuses mechanics while introducing new gimmicks to accommodate the metronome-action movements. These gimmicks can range from the way in which energy orbs damage to adding new obstacles like electrical flooring or spiraling death traps. This ultimately comes off as a negative or positive aspect depending on the individual player, as puzzle difficulty drastically changes depending on the order in which dungeons are played.

On the other hand, this gives the player breathing room, allowing them to experiment with routes and return to previous challenges. Skipping or leaving puzzles unsolved lessens opportunities for rewards, so a handy in-game map system allows players to keep track of exactly where they have not completed rooms on designated paths.

An unyielding challenge can become an underwhelming enigma with proper dedication and practice. That said, although the endgame can become less challenging than the beginning, the pinball-inspired mechanics are so entertaining that a decline in difficulty never truly becomes an issue.

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Creature in the Well is never a slog to play through, even when revisiting old dungeons in the latter half of the game. All of these dungeons conclude with thrilling matchups with the main power sources, as well as the creature who lives beneath the land. Creature In The Well does not have what many would consider traditional dungeon crawler boss fights, but simply sticks to a its puzzle gameplay and challenges players with a larger and more complex version. These battles involve the creature, who extends its arms from beneath the dark abyss in an attempt to attack you.

Creature In The Well is a captivating case of a fresh experiment gone right. Yet, the end result is a fascinating concept built on the gorgeously-used Unreal Engine, with the potential to be further expanded upon. Albeit short, the journey to delve into the deepest parts of the mountain to solve new high-speed kinetic puzzles while avoiding a mysterious, calamitous creature never grows stale over the hour journey.

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Overview Here are 10 ghost stories written by the long forgotten horror master of the 20th century, Algernon Blackwood. His vintage page account is true to form in that it carefully builds the cases of 10 extreme hauntings in a psychological and material way that slowly brings goose bumps to your entire body. For fans of bizarre and subtle hauntings without the 21th century special effects and over exaggerations, this book is for you!

The ghosts herein invade your personal space to the point that the term haunting is fully understood. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Although he is much less known to the world at large, true horror fans know the name and most importantly the work of Algernon Blackwood. He is every bit as good as Edgar Allan Poe, H. Lovecraft or Stephen King in his spinning of horror fiction that effect you like a true story! This book is for hardcore horror fans only!

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Related Searches. This page, illustrated collection of 10, lost sci-fi masterpieces is for hardcore fans like us This page, illustrated collection of 10, lost sci-fi masterpieces is for hardcore fans like us only. Instructions inside the Space-Con 2 Program Guide for the costume contest , click to read. Sandra arrived, and on August 6th, , we found ourselves in Oakland. After checking into the hotel, we walked to the Oakland Municipal Auditorium for the pre-convention meeting. Empty, the place is huge. There seemed no way that they could fill it.

At the volunteer center, we were given our assignments for the next day. We were told that from then on, we would be referred to as " gofers ". With visions of furry little creatures dancing in my head, I experienced my first second thoughts. My first job was outside crowd control, and at 7am the next morning, that is exactly what I was doing.