John Wayne, My Father

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He often spent his free time on his boat, admiring the great sea he loved. He would catch his own fish and cook it on the beach, as well as interact with locals. John was 56 when Ethan was born — and he made sure his son never forgot to do chores around the house.

What Modern Men Can Learn About Fatherhood From Actor John Wayne

He was great with his gun, he was great on a horse and he handled boats really well. And I was very mechanical as a young boy for some reason. I really enjoyed taking stuff apart and putting it back together. Wayne described growing up on film sets and learning about the hard work it took to bring Hollywood to life.

So he took me with him when I was little. And one of my jobs was to load the car with all the personal items that he wanted with him when he would make a film somewhere remote.

Fatherhood Lessons From John Wayne | Men's Health

Or if he went on his boat, the Wild Goose. Everyone wanted to have a drink with John Wayne. I would also carry his packs of candy, special food items, shoes, gloves, jackets. Definitely bags of hats. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

My Father, the Movie Star

More Videos Outrage after actor's decades-old interview resurfaces So, any discussion of removing his name from the airport should include the full picture of the life of John Wayne and not be based on a single outlier interview from half a century ago. Ethan Wayne.

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In the Playboy interview, the star made disparaging remarks against black, gay and Native American people. Its teal blue color was pretty, but its turtleneck collar, wrist-length sleeves and floor-length hem, all topped off by my hair, tightly balled up in a repressive bun, made me look boring and backwards and sober and terminally unhip.

I should have been glad just to be there, but I was thirteen, and it was At first, I felt so out of place I wished I was dead. As all the acceptance speeches and music and glitz and glamour got going, I became less self-involved.

ROBERT MITCHUM My father, his pony & me! with Chris Mitchum A WORD ON WESTERNS

I was really at the Oscars! And I was sure my father was going to win. Dustin Hoffman was pretty terrific in Midnight Cowboy. I recall thinking, Oh my God, this is perfect. Truth be told, my recollection of the rest of that dreamy moment is very slight.

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For all of us who loved my dad, it was a night of sublime satisfaction. I meant every word.

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My father just hugged me and beamed. Look at me, Aissa, his gleaming blue eyes seemed to be saying. Look at what they think of your old man.

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