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Hot Stuff: July romances offer 'knotty' self-discovery

Nina is perfectly content with her life as-is, working in an indie bookstore in Los Angeles, killing it on her bar trivia team, and carving out lots of alone time to read. But when she is suddenly thrust into a new family when her long-estranged father dies and finds herself intrigued by a trivia rival, Nina is forced to step outside her comfort zone and take a chance on a life she never imagined for herself. Nina is warm and winning, while still experiencing symptoms any introvert or anxiety sufferer will find familiar and almost too relatable.

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She looks at the world with a refreshing sardonic optimism, allowing her to inject humor into her observational style while never losing the palpable emotion at the heart of her story. She also taps into the soul of the bibliophile, the eccentricities of loving a carefully ordered shelf, a perfectly arranged book nook, and the scent of well-loved pages.


Waxman writes of bookstore as sanctuary with the wisdom and reverence of one who had sought her own refuge in such a palace a time or two herself. How to Hack a Heartbreak By Kristin Rockaway Review: Kristin Rockaway taps into her own experiences as a former computer programmer to craft this tale of a young woman who codes her way out of a disappointing job and a series of frustrating online dates.

Fed up with dick pics and caddish men, Mel Strickland creates Jerk Alert. When the app goes viral, Mel finds herself struggling to keep her head above water at her dead-end help desk job at a sexist startup.

Rockaway has crafted a perfect book for this moment, as the furor of the MeToo movement burns slightly less white-hot and women continue to struggle to be taken seriously everywhere from the startup suite to the boardroom to Hollywood. With How to Hack a Heartbreak , Rockaway offers an entirely relatable take on the infuriating casual sexism that can permeate everything from a workplace to online dating apps, while also reminding readers to take a breath and a chance on themselves. Jackson Review: With the second book in her Sugar Lake series, Jackson delivers a delectably sweet romance bursting with movie and theatrical references for all the film and musical nerds out there.

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Because of this, sometimes their motivations and inner life feel a bit surface level, never truly pushing them into emotionally dangerous territory. Hot Stuff: July romances offer 'knotty' self-discovery. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

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    By Maureen Lee Lenker. It relates to Stage 5 of the Number Framework. A PDF of the student activity is included.

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    These activities provide a context for finding fractions of a whole and also introduce the idea of fractions greater than one. The prior knowledge that the students need for this activity is recognition of fractions and an understanding of how the symbols for fractions work. Ensure that the students have been exposed to all fractions from halves to tenths. Learning to recognise fractions can be fun if they are learned through games such as bingo.

    Displaying fractions in your classroom would also help to make fractions more easily recognised symbols. Modelling what nine pieces of pizza looks like, using commercially available fraction kits or the circular fractions copymaster at the end of these notes, would be a good introduction to this activity.

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    Ask the students to form one whole pizza and see how much is left over. This activity asks students to add whole numbers and fractions. The students can model the cake slices using fraction sets or the circular fractions copymaster. It may be necessary to break this activity into smaller parts.

    Activity One 1.