Free-Surface Hydraulics

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Not to be confused with Open surface. Further information: Ocean surface wave and Airy wave theory.

Interactive Guide. Vishay Measurements Group.

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Retrieved McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Retrieved on Fluid mechanics.

New York: McGraw-Hill. Elements of Physics. American Book Co.

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Shape assumed by a free liquid". A First Course in Physics. Since, then, every molecule of a liquid is pulling on every other molecule, any body of liquid which is free to take its natural shape that is which is acted on only by its own cohesive forces, must draw itself together until it has the smallest possible surface compatible with its volume; for, since every molecule in the surface is drawn toward the interior by the attraction of the molecules within, it is clear that molecules must continually move toward the center of the mass until the whole has reached the most compact form possible.

Now the geometrical figure which has the smallest area for a given volume is a sphere. We conclude, therefore, that if we could relieve a body of liquid from the action of gravity and other outside forces, it would at once take the form of a perfect sphere.

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Shape Assumed by a Free Liquid". Essentials of Modern Physics. How to get this document? There is an Open Access version for this licensed article that can be read free of charge and without license restrictions. The content of the Open Access version may differ from that of the licensed version. Document information Title:.

Computational hydraulics : elements of the theory of free surface flows. Similar titles.

Free Surface Hydraulics

Koutitas, Christopher G. Gray, William G.

36th International School of Hydraulics

Elsevier Brebbia, Carlos A. Tugwell, Paul Elsevier Understand the physics and the modeling of unsteady flows in the rivers and canals propagation of the tide, floods and of rapidly varying flows in the rivers and canals. Saint Venant equation formulation. Design the volume of retention dams for flood protection.

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Understanding the links between the physical reality, its perception and its modeling. Brief presentation of the market software properties dealing with this problem. Relinders on open channel hydraulics Hydraulics. Physical meaning of the different terms of the equations. Mathematical properties: the characteristics and the invariants.