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Zornitsa Dimitrova Independent researcher Day 2, 10 November, De Bijloke Auditorium, — This paper addresses the problematic ontology of postdramatic theatre. In doing so, it aims to uncover a novel way of positioning the notion of mimesis within the ontological texture of these non-Aristotelian works for the theatre.

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Herein mimesis becomes a constitutive principle and a generative procedure that guarantees continuity between disparate entities, such as words and worlds, pre-representational regions and representation, infinite indetermination and finitude. Just as expression carries forward a progression from the infinite to the finite whereby the expressible substance becomes expressed sense, so does mimesis assume the role of a generative intermediary in the composition of literary worlds in postdramatic theatre. It precipitates the emergence of literary worlds from a vantage point of univocity, acting as a fluxional immanent substratum that is fundamentally generous, affluent, and flowing forth.

Confronted with the consolidation of an event of sense within the motion of expression, plays are at pains to readjust, recompose, and thus incorporate the supernumerary within their textual fabric.

In the listed cases, the result is an inimical, injurious immanence. Tip This page contains media that is intended to start playback automatically on opening.

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