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What is Evolutionary Medicine? An interdisciplinary field at the intersection of evolutionary biology, medicine, public health, and other health professions, evolutionary medicine applies the insights of evolutionary biology to improve our understanding of disease and health. If you were unable to make it this year do not be distressed! EMSI is already in the making. Applications will now be accepted on a rolling basis, with decisions on admission starting on April 8.

Apply HERE. TriCEM is hosting a breakfast featuring Dr.

The goal of EMSI is to introduce core evolutionary concepts to a wide range of topics in human health and disease, including public health, and to train physicians Read more about Evolutionary Medicine Summer Institute application open! Matt Bonds of Harvard Medical School.

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He will be giving a lecture titled Ecology of poverty, disease, and health care delivery. More Read more about Upcoming talk on poverty and health care: Dr. Matt Bonds […]. Shelley Hwang of Duke University. She will be giving a lecture titled What evolutionary models can teach us about breast cancer progression.

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Read more about Upcoming talk on breast cancer progression: Dr. Shelley Hwang […].

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  • ​What is Evolutionary Medicine: Ten Questions Answered​.

Peter Ungar of the University of Arkansas. He will be giving a lecture titled Evolutionary perspectives on oral health: The dental evidence. Read more about Upcoming talk on childhood energetics: Dr. Peter Ungar […]. These researchers from across our NC Triangle institutions proposed innovative research questions and techniques that further the field of evolutionary medicine.

Evolutionary Medicine