Damned if I Do

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You should figure out what friends or relatives would support you emotionally and perhaps financially or with shelter until you get your bearings if you have to make an abrupt exit.

damned if one does and damned if one doesn't

And, unfortunately, it would also be a good idea to consult a divorce lawyer before broaching the topic with your husband. The fact is, it is a big deal in your case.

So before you opt to take what may appear to be the path of least resistance and say nothing, you should think hard about the idea of continuing to live a lie. Please follow up to let us know what you decide and how it goes.

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Big Sister-in-Law Is Watching You: My brother is married to a woman who has been seriously ill, physically and mentally, for decades. At one point he gave me a private phone number and e-mail address where I could reach him without her knowing, but then he was overcome with guilt and told her about them.

She insists he must share everything with her, and he complies without even objecting. What should I do? This is abuse. No one should be controlling whom another adult may or may not communicate with—and no adult should accept those terms in a relationship. This sounds like a case of a co-dependent relationship that has spiraled into a miserable folie a deux.

Damned If I Do

You have the right to call or e-mail or snail mail or even show up at their door, regardless of what either of them has prescribed. This has all the earmarks of a terrible situation that may be beyond you, or a team of therapists, to fix. All you can do at this point is be accessible and patient.


If you believe, however, that your sister-in-law is physically abusing your brother or that your brother actually wants to be rescued from the emotional abuse, you should contact the authorities. Member discount. Member price.


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Other formats available. Published 2 September ISBN Pages Weight g. Size mm x mm. The extraordinary life of Australia's most controversial doctor. This is the revealing, personal story of the man behind the controversial pro-euthanasia movement, told in his own words.

Nothing Personal

The book spans Philip's early days, from his curious, activist student days in Adelaide, to working with Aboriginal land rights groups in Australia's Far North; to his successful campaign to have euthanasia legalised in Australia and his assistance in four people ending their lives before the law was overturned. It covers the controversy surrounding Philip's work, including the banning in Australia of his international bestselling book The Peaceful Pill , and disturbing reports that many young people overdosed on Nembutal, the drug that Exit International recommends for suicide.

Ultimately, Philip believes that the right to one's own death is as fundamental as the right to control one's own life: 'It seems we demand….