Computer Logic: Design Principles and Applications

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Logic gates: circuits that compare

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Photonics Spectra - April All-Optical Logic Gates Show Promise for Optical Computing

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ISBN 10: 1461265428

Download references. The authors would like to thank Logan Bekker for his assistance with projection microstereolithography. This work was performed under the auspices of the U. All authors discussed the results and wrote the paper.

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Digital Principles and Logic Design

Abstract Early examples of computers were almost exclusively based on mechanical devices. Introduction To overcome limitations of semiconductor electronics e. Results Logic gate design The mechanical logic gates presented in this work are based on bi-stable flexure mechanisms. Full size image. Discussion In summary, this paper proposes a digital mechanical computation approach using additively manufacturable micro-mechanical logic gates.

Methods Logic gate fabrication and testing The logic gates presented were fabricated using three different methods to demonstrate the ability to additively manufacture them over a range on length scales. Data availability All data presented in this work are available upon reasonable request from the corresponding authors. References 1.

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