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He was so on it, everything he played just fit so seamlessly. I was fortunate to have a chance to ask him about it.

He said that he started playing bass because his brother, a pianist, needed a bass player. So this carried through his career. I once saw him with Milt Jackson, and he took 1 solo per set.

Building Walking Bass Lines

I asked him about it. No ego, that I can tell. He must be 70 or 75 now. I mean the list goes on and on, and he plays great, solid, swinging, never flashy bass on all of them. He was one of the players who stayed a long time with gut strings. I read an interview with him in Downbeat, I think, and even after he was already playing electric bass he was talking about preferring gut strings for upright. But I heard him play his Kay acoustically at Zinno a few times, and he sounded great.

Cranshaw is one of the only bassists in history, along with Monk Montgomery, to make the electric bass really work in jazz. He also was the bassist you grew up listening to on Sesame Street. I think he stopped doing that some years ago.

Also, Cranshaw was the original Saturday Night Live bassist, as well as a busy studio player. If your school has old Downbeats and stuff in the library, maybe you can look for it. Still, I think an analysis of his playing would be more important than saying where he was born and all that. Good luck, Brent. Feb 3, 7.

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Jun 26, New York, NY. Feb 3, 8. Feb 3, 9.

Thanks you guys for the info. This stuff is really helping, very interesting stuff. I wish I could fly down to the city to meet him, but time constraints the presentation is this monday wont allow it, and the class is pretty informal. Its been really interesting to listen to him for the past few hours, very hip player. As brent said, not much soloing, but just great bass playing.

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Really cool to hear someone doing that. I love to here more stuff if anyone has it. Feb 3, Jun 1, deepest alabama. My favorite guy to transcribe, back when I was trying to learn.

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Perfect clarity, of both intent and execution. Mar 14, Seattle, WA. You know. Class be damned, take the opportunity to meet these greats before it's too late. The only thing I'll add to his biography, is that his name was mispelled on the cover of The Sidewinder, but not the back. I was always amazed that an editor wouldn't have caught that or at least fixed it in the 2nd pressing. Feb 4, May 2, East Bay, CA. Apr 12, Astoria New York.

So Who Is Bob Cranshaw?

Feb 6, Sorry Marco, I don't really have any more info. Brent's input was great. I get to play every once in awhile with a guitar player that used to work with Sonny, and he says that Sonny prefers electric bass in the band. And if Sonny asked me to play electric, that's what I'd play.

But I personally don't hear him on BG and think it's killing. He sounds to me like a number of other cats from that era who are playing electric in staraight ahead stuff. Thanks so much guys. It was today. It went real well.

Remembering Bob Cranshaw - Steve WallaceSteve Wallace

They're really quite informal, just a little background info and bring in some tracks with the guy playing on it, and we talk about them a little. I just couldn't find that much info on him online. Ed - Sonny Dallas isn't on the list of guys we're doing this semester. I'll try to check him out though. I'm sure they have recordings at the library with him on it. They have so many records it's scary. Any suggestions on records?

Says in your profile you've been checking him out lately. Thanks again guys. But he's one of those NYC warriors that played with just about everybody on the scene - clubdates, jazz gigs, records etc. Then, using the special stereo separation on all of the Aebersold Play-A-Long recordings, switch the bassist off and play along by yourself with just the piano and drums! This book like all the Aebersold bass line transcription books is a great study in professional bass line construction, and is a natural companion to the Aebersold Play-A-Longs.

Combo instructors can use this book to give their bass students instant, professional bass lines. Includes notes in bass clef with chord symbols above each measure. The ultimate study in blues walking. The Global Source for Jazz. Be the first to write a review!