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Absolute BSD, released by No Starch Press

In short, this is not a drive-by book and you will not find any hand waving. True to OpenBSD's priorities, the next chapters discuss how to avoid root, securing the system and even more detail about topics such as filesystems. I was happy to see clear information on how to set up unencrypted and encrypted softraid storage arrays because it was yet another thing on my endless TO DO list.

Michael simply spelled it out and left me without any questions short of a few options that he suggests can be found in the bioctl 8 manual page. In this regard, this is not an OpenBSD book but rather a Unix book with all of the requisite networking, operation and building of software.

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Throw in the aforementioned titles plus The Linux Command Line available online and from, you guessed it, No Starch Press and you have a very solid Unix curriculum. Parenthetically, Henning suggests that you look at OpenBSD's ntpd 8 as an example of a simple, cleanly-written daemon with proper privilege separation. Few people appreciate that OpenBSD is not only one of the best networking platforms available but also one of the best Unix development platforms available. There is a book topic for a poetic developer with a few months to burn.

Absolute BSD : the ultimate guide to freeBSD / Michael Lucas.

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500+ Programming Books- ABSOLUTE BSD

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The Complete Guide to FreeBSD